Interdax is building a 3rd generation digital asset exchange. Our team comes from top HFTs and exchanges like Nasdaq and NYSE, as well as from well known firms in the blockchain space. We are a well-funded project (8-figure sum) currently operating in stealth mode.

In this role you will work on complex, technically challenging front-end systems. You will build state-of-the-art JavaScript applications that allow traders to act and make critical decisions on low latency market information.


  • Build, test and ship new user-facing experiences with modern tools like React, Typescript/ES6, Flow, Styled Components, Jest and Webpack.
  • Create Node middle-layers and gRPC APIs that can communicate between the UI web application and complex backend systems
  • Build systems capable of moving vast amounts of real-time data to the client in subsecond intervals
  • Assemble stunning, interactive, real-time front-end experiences
  • Deliver well-tested (TDD/BDD) top quality software


  • 5+ years of Front-end experience
  • Solid understanding of core JavaScript and its fundamentals
  • Strong background in React and state management with Redux/MobX
  • Experience building SPAs/PWAs
  • Experience with node microservices used at scale
  • Experience in full-stack with Node and usual server side suspects (Express, Koa, etc)
  • Experience with Sockets and performant WebSockets frameworks (Primus, uWebSockets)
  • Excellent communication skills

Bonus Points

  • An interest in financial markets and cryptocurrencies
  • React Native and/or Electron experience
  • Experience with cloud-native tools (docker, k8s, etc) and AWS ecosystem
  • Experience working in a Low Latency environment

Compensation and perks

  • Competitive salary ($160k-$220k / year)
  • Profit sharing (0.15 - 0.35%)
Fully remote

  • Flexible work hours
Unlimited Vacation Policy
Startup culture
Team getaways